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About Us

We are a voice interaction design and development studio that specializes in building voice applications for Alexa and Assistant. At Voiceano we believe that conversational interfaces play a crucial role in how businesses choose to interact with their customers. The growth of voice-first smart assistants like Google Assistant has enabled businesses to connect to their customers using the most natural form of conversation available - voice. We build voice applications for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that will help you expand the horizons of your business to 1.5M+ devices. The voice applications we build have native support for regional languages as part of our mission to empower the Indian vernacular to make full use of the Assistant and Alexa platform.

Since last year, Google Assistant usage has tripled in India

- our friends at Google


The recent surge in the voice assistant market has opened up a new gateway for businesses to reach out to their customers. The voice assistant industry will be seeing 150M+ new users in 2019, giving businesses a unique opportunity to establish a foothold at such a nascent stage. By building a voice application for their brand, businesses would be able to extend their services to 500M+ devices. We work with both companies and local businesses and help them get their brand on Alexa and Assistant.

58% users use voice search to discover local businesses

- voicebot.ai

Our process

Identify use case

Based on your vertical, we help you determine the best use case for your voice application. Identification of the use case helps in delivering your customers a voice experience that is both unique and reminiscent of your core brand values.


We know that conversation design is crucial for building an engaging voice experience for your users. Therefore our team of conversation design experts carefully craft a conversation catered to your specific needs and requirements.


Based on the conversation design, we build the Action. Our development team takes care of all the intricacies involved in the development of a Voice User Interface that is best suited to your needs.


We also take care of the launch process for you. Strict adherence to the conversation-design best practices makes sure that your voice application reaches the intended target audience. And it doesn't end there. We keep working with you to integrate new features or expand upon current capabilities in order to provide a better voice experience.

Crafting high-quality conversations is what we do here at Voiceano
Design rich conversational interfaces

We build voice applications having rich conversational interfaces for your business or service. These work with Google Assistant and Alexa and helps you to connect to your users through Alexa and Assistant platform

Am I missing something?
Did you take the charger?
What about keys for the office?
Oh yeah, thanks for that
Voice apps in the language of your choice

We understand that only 10% of the Indian population speaks English. Therefore, we also build voice applications in Hindi as well.

मुझे पीनआर चेक करना था
ठीक है, कृपया अपना दस अंक का पीनआर नंबर बताइये
आपका पीनआर कंफर्म हो चुका है
Increase discoverability

The Actions we build allows you to increase your presence on the Google Assistant and Alexa marketplace. Apart from increasing your customer outreach, it also allows you to capture new users using voice first solutions.

I want to order a pastry
Alright, we have Pete's Bakery nearby, would you like to order from there?
Sure, order from Pete's Bakery
They have dark chocolate as today's special, would you like to order that?
Sounds great
Done! Order for one dark chocolate pastry placed successfully

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